Contact the Seattle chapter for:

– Press inquiries
– To become a member
– To work in solidarity or ask for assistance
– With questions or comments of any sort

Phone: 206-395-6251



Mailing Address:
Deep Green Resistance
PO Box 925
Crescent City, CA

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  2. Anthony says:

    Dear Sir(s),

    Have any of your members been physically assaulted in their homes and/or had a neighbor fumigate them out of their apartment(literally bug fog them out). This is always accompanied by ordinary police harassment or harassment from multiple civilians.

    I ask this because it’s happened to a lot of ordinary law enforcement legal targets and wonder if it’s happened to any of your members.

    I’ve become sort of an unwilling expert on this. Formerly worked for the government–not anymore.

    If you want to see similar counterintelligence cases in court google ‘Kantor vs. Appian Corp’ or see ‘the docket’ section of my website.


    The goal is to provoke a person into incarceration or psychiatric detention without due process. Saves money and embarrassment.

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