Porn, Trafficking and the Social Construction of Masculinity

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Arundhati Roy on Armed Struggle vs. Passive Resistance

“Fighting people will choose their own weapons. For me, the question of armed struggle versus passive resistance is a tactical one, not an ideological one. For example, how do indigenous people who live deep inside the forest passively resist armed vigilantes and thousands of paramilitary forces who surround their villages at night and burn them to the ground? Passive resistance is political theater. It requires a sympathetic audience. There isn’t one inside the forest. And how do starving people go on a hunger strike?

In certain situations, preaching nonviolence can be a kind of violence. Also, it is the kind of terminology that dovetails beautifully with the “human rights” discourse in which, from an exalted position of faux neutrality, politics, morality, and justice can be airbrushed out of the picture, all parties can be declared human rights offenders, and the status quo can be maintained.”

– Arundhati Roy, via

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The Erasure of Reality

Here at Deep Green Resistance, we have been censured and attacked for believing that women are female and men are male. The fact that disagreeing with basic biology, millions of years of human evolution, and our own lived experience is politically dangerous is reflective of what our society has come to. It is not considered acceptable to go against mainstream dogma. And currently, mainstream dogma is erasing the entire concept of woman, in favor of amorphous “self-definition” which could harm or eliminate every single sex-based protection women have fought for.

We are a holistic organization. We see the inherent connections between the oppression of women, racism, and the destruction of the planet. These systems of power are all interlinked. It is no surprise that in late capitalism, basic realities of human existence are being dismantled. We live in a “post truth” era that is distinctly Orwellian.

In the face of this, we must be relentless truth tellers. We call males males. We call green technology bullshit. We call this culture one of colonialism and imperialism. We call this “democracy” bankrupt. And we have a plan to dismantle the bloated power of this society.

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Cliff Mass Isn’t a Climate Denier—But Deniers Sure Love Him

Cliff Mass denier contrarian climateBy Max Wilbert

In 2015, I wrote a story alleging that Cliff Mass, a Professor in the Atmospheric Sciences Department at the University of Washington and something of a regional weather celebrity, is “a dangerous new breed of climate skeptic.”

In the article, I wrote that:

“Cliff Mass is convinced that anthropogenic global warming is not a big problem, at least not now. He has made a theme of downplaying the role of global warming in extreme weather events, and in exposing what he calls “overzealousness” in the scientific, media, and activist community.”

I highly recommend reading the original article, which picked up a good deal of steam. It was widely read regionally, and referenced in later articles by The Stranger (which concluded: “Cliff Mass is not a climate denier, but he is their ally, which is as good as being a climate denier”) and other publications.

The sage continued on December 12th, when Judith Curry, a prominent climate contrarian, published an article titled “Cliff Mass: victim of academic political bullying.” In the post, she references our blog and a spate of other attacks on Mass for his opposition to I-1631, the Carbon Tax law in Washington State, which was voted down in November.

Curry’s blog has since been taken up and reposted on other right wing and climate contrarian websites, includes Watts Up With That?—the most prominent climate denier website on the internet. Watts Up With That has included bullshit from authors like Christopher Monckton and Fred Singer, among other well-paid idiots. (I won’t link to these sites, as we don’t provide platforms for counter-revolutionaries).

In his post, Watts Up With That creator Anthony Watts asks readers to send “calm, on point, and polite” letters in support of Cliff Mass to the University of Washington President, Dean of the College and Environment, and Secretary of the UW Faculty.

Ironically, Cliff Mass—who says he isn’t a climate denier (and who isn’t, technically speaking)—is now being supported by climate deniers across the internet. He may not support them, but they support him.

This fact is proving the point from our original article: that Cliff Mass is not a climate denier, but rather a dangerous new breed of climate skeptic who will constantly downplay the importance and severity of global warming. As acceptance of climate science and basic global warming literacy grows, this sort of skepticism is what climate deniers will look to as the next frontier.

A few additional side points. First, right wingers make a mistake by lumping us in with those who attack Mass for his vapid climate views. We don’t see Carbon Taxation as a solution, because we are a revolutionary organization. A carbon tax is simply a way to monetize the atmosphere; to create a new market for capitalism through taxing one form of industry and using it to pay another (largely “green” energy industries). Many of the world’s largest polluters support some sort of carbon trading system, which should tell you all you need to know. Frankly, we don’t really care about initiatives that simply rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic. We need to dismantle capitalism and industrial empire to have a chance of stopping global warming. Minor tax changes will not do a damn thing.

But we absolutely do agree that Mass’s use of the image of pigs at a trough to refer to what he called “special interest groups” like tribal nations was racist and stupid.

In the last few days, dozens of comments from right-wing climate deniers, doubtlessly led to our site by links from Watts Up With That and other sites, have left comments in support of Cliff Mass on our site, calling him an “excellent and very factual scientist.”

Here’s one of the funniest comments, for the sake of entertainment (grammar and spelling mistakes have been corrected): “If you truly seek to understand reality, we all know: particles moving “up” in a gravitational field slow down, i.e.: cool; those moving down speed up, i.e.: heat… [this] explains the temperature profiles of all planets whatever their atmosphere.”

Any scientist who studies climate is laughing at that one. (If you don’t know the basic science of how global warming works, you can learn here).

Cliff Mass is a meteorologist. When he speaks about weather, it’s sometimes worth listening; he knows what he is talking about. When he speaks about climate, politics, and other issues, there is no reason to pay any attention to him.

As we move further into late stage capitalism, neoliberals like Cliff Mass represent a major threat. Like most of the Seattle political elite (and the liberal political elite nationwide), Cliff Mass wants us to go dancing merrily to our doom via business as usual. He denies reality and invites us to join him. It’s a popular position to take in a world on the brink. But we need sober reality, not reassuring fantasies.

Rather than listening to hacks like this, revolutionaries should look for political leadership to individuals and groups with critical analysis of capitalism, the state, patriarchy, and other systems of power, and which have legitimate strategies to defeat these systems.

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Friday: Breach the Lower Snake River Dams

On Friday, November 16 at 2 pm Pacific Time, a group will be presenting the Governor at the State Capitol in Olympia with a demand to remove the lower Snake River dams immediately.

Event details:

The Southern Residents need you !!!! Now more then ever.

The Orca Task force’s preliminary recommendations do not include Breaching the LOWER 4 DAMS ON THE SNAKE RIVER. It is our position that these Dams need to be breached ASAP using the 2002 EIS, OPTION #4.

We hope beyond hope the breaching of the 4 LSRDs in first months of 2019 will be at the top of the list of recommendations (due that day, November 16th). If not, we will be poised to respond and remind Governor Inslee, as well as the world, exactly what 74 starving Orcas look like & that the breaching of the dams is the most impactful action to be taken for lasting salmon recovery. Please join us to hold an Orca representing one of the #74remaining Southern Resident Killer Whales. We will assemble on the steps of the Temple of Justice building at The Washington State Capital in Olympia. If you aren’t interested in holding an Orca please come with with your own signs & show your support for the Southern Resident Killer Whales. This will be a powerful Demonstration with speakers, Visuals & Native Voices. If you are interested in holding one of the Southern Residents, PLEASE POST IN THE EVENT BELOW and be prepared to arrive 1 hour early. THANK YOU!!!!!


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Sign up for the DGR Newsletter

DGR now produces a monthly newsletter which includes resistance news from around the world, as well as updates from various chapters of the organization. To sign up for the newsletter and view the archives, click this link.

If you are interested in working with us on this project, we are interested in turning this into a print newsletter. If you have the skills to do such a thing, get in touch.


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What Happened to Bill McKibben?

     by Suzanna Jones / Counterpunch

WaldenVermont–In his 2008 book Deep Economy, Bill McKibben concludes that economic growth is the source of the ecological crises we face today.  He explains that when the economy grows larger than necessary to meet our basic needs – when it grows for the sake of growth, automatically striving for  “more” – its social and environmental costs greatly outweigh any benefits it may provide.

Unfortunately, McKibben seems to have forgotten what he so passionately argued just five years ago. Today he is an advocate of industrial wind turbines on our ridgelines:  he wants to industrialize our last wild spaces to feed the very economy he fingered as the source of our environmental problems.

His key assumption is that industrial wind power displaces the use of coal and oil, and therefore helps limit climate change. But since 2000, wind facilities with a total capacity equivalent to 350 coal-fired power plants have been installed worldwide, and today there are more – not fewer – coal-fired power plants operating.  (In Vermont, the sale of Renewable Energy Credits to out-of-state utilities enables them to avoid mandates to reduce their fossil fuel dependency, meaning that there is no net reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.)  At best, industrial wind simply adds more energy to the global supply. And what for?  More!  More energy than the grid can carry, more idiotic water parks, more snowmaking, more electronic gadgets, more money for corporations.

Why should we spend millions of dollars to destroy wildlife habitat, kill bats and eagles, pollute our headwaters, fill valuable wetlands, polarize our communities, make people sick, mine rare earth metals – just to ensure that we can consume as much or more next year than we did this year?

The costs of industrial wind far outweigh the benefits… unless you are a wind developer. Federal production tax credits and other subsidies have fostered a gold rush mentality among wind developers, who have been abetted by political and environmental leaders who want to appear “green” without challenging the underlying causes of our crises. Meanwhile, average Vermonters find themselves without any ability to protect their communities or the ecosystems of which they are part.  The goal of an industrial wind moratorium is to stop the gold rush so we can have an honest discussion on these issues. Why does this frighten proponents of big wind?  Because once carefully examined, industrial wind will be exposed for the scam that it is.

McKibben’s current attitude towards the environment has been adopted by politicians, corporations, and the big environmental organizations.  Environmentalism has been successfully mainstreamed, at the cost of its soul.  This co-opted version isn’t about protecting the landbase from the ever-expanding empire of humans.  It’s about sustaining the comfort levels we feel entitled to without exhausting the resources required.  It is entirely human-centered and hollow, and it serves corporate capitalism well.

In Deep Economy, McKibben points out that the additional “stuff” provided by an ever-growing economy doesn’t leave people happier; instead, the source of authentic happiness is a healthy connection to nature and community.  As Vermonters have already discovered, industrial wind destroys both.

What industrial wind represents should be obvious to everyone: this is business-as-usual disguised as concern for the Earth.  Far from genuine “environmentalism”, it is the same profit- and growth-driven destruction that is at the root of every ecological crisis we face.

Suzanna Jones is an off-the-grid farmer living in Walden.  She was among those arrested protesting the Lowell wind project in 2011.

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Water Grab Opponents Declare Victory: Nevada State Engineer Rejects SNWA’s Water Applications

Young Pronghorn Antelope near SNWA test wells

Major news from Nevada.

The SNWA water grab has been completely rejected — at least for now.

This project has been looming over eastern Nevada for decades. Now there is some space to relax, and to gather strength for the next fight. There are many other issues plaguing this region: pinyon juniper deforestation, mining, overgrazing, energy development, and so on. The land still needs defenders.

Press Release by Great Basin Water Network

Ely, Nevada: A broad coalition of Nevadans committed to protecting the state’s water resources are declaring victory in their opposition to the SNWA groundwater pipeline. They applaud a ruling by the Nevada State Engineer denying all water rights applications for the project.

Great Basin Water Network and White Pine County say the decision is essentially a death-knell for the roughly 300-mile pipeline proposal. These groups oppose SNWA’s proposed groundwater export and pipeline project because it would cause catastrophic long term environmental harm to some of Nevada’s most pristine and treasured areas, and because it would cause long-term economic devastation to rural communities throughout eastern Nevada. Following favorable decisions in Nevada’s District and Supreme Courts, it appears that the Nevada State Engineer agrees.

“With the denial of these applications by the State Engineer, this ill-conceived multibillion dollar boondoggle is now dead in the water,” said Abigail Johnson of the Great Basin Water Network. “After a string of court victories, we have a decision showing that the water is not available for this project without hurting the area’s existing water rights and environment.”

“We welcome the State Engineer’s denial of SNWA’s applications, which clearly was required by Nevada water law, as the State District Court and Supreme Court have explained,” said the coalition’s attorney, Simeon Herskovits of Advocates for Community and Environment. “We do, however, disagree with the State Engineer’s gratuitous finding that SNWA’s monitoring, management and mitigation (or 3M) plan is adequate. Their slightly elaborated 3M plan remains as much of a sham as it always has been,” Herskovits added.

“White Pine County residents and rural Nevadans are glad that the limits of available groundwater resources have been acknowledged,” declared White Pine County Commissioner Gary Perea. “The denial of SNWA’s applications finally recognizes that, if allowed, the project would take more water than the system could bear, hurting existing water rights and the economies that depend on them.”

“We will continue to stand up and ensure that the State Engineer and SNWA follow the law, and protect our water rights and resources from overpumping and irreversible harm,” agreed another White Pine County Commissioner, Carol McKenzie, from Lund.

Kena Gloeckner, whose family has been ranching in Lincoln County’s Dry Lake Valley – a target of the project – for many generations, said “Not only would this groundwater project have jeopardized our family’s 150-year-old legacy and livelihood, but it would have also ended a way of life valued by local residents. Ranchers and farmers on the ground have long known that the aquifers in these rural valleys are interconnected and are at or near their limits – there is simply nowhere near the amount of water that SNWA wanted to take.”

Read more about the SNWA pipeline at DGR Southwest Coalition

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A Manifesto for a World in Crisis

Our world is in crisis. Species extinction, topsoil loss, deforestation, rising seas, ocean acidification, global warming. It’s no exaggeration to say that the dominant culture is killing the planet. At the same time, societies around the world are staggeringly unjust. Neocolonialism builds up empires on the backs of indigenous peoples, sweatshop workers, unpaid and underpaid women, and the bodies of our nonhuman kin.

We do not trust electoral politics, NGOs/non-profits, or foundations. Change must come from the grassroots, but the masses can be led astray. False solutions abound in the of vague reforms, half-measures, and technologies that only strengthen empire.

We aim for nothing less than total liberation from extractive economics (including capitalism and socialism), white supremacy, patriarchy, colonialism, industrialism, and the culture of empire that we call civilization. This is a war for survival, and we’re losing. We aim to turn the tide. We mean to win. Some will end up in prison. Some will die. This is the price of justice. Revolution will not be tranquil or easy.

Our main strategy is to build a revolutionary culture that supports outright destruction of the dominant culture (empire/industrial civilization). Specifically, we promote a strategy informed by the history of guerilla warfare that entails coordinated underground cells using sabotage to destroy global energy, transportation, communications, trade, and finance systems. The goal is to stop the global economy, not to harm individuals or the people. We recognize the value in other strategies such as mass movements, building alternatives, and changing laws, but these methods have little chance of stopping or significantly altering the course of global empire.

There are countless thousands of examples of land-based, sustainable, just human cultures, the majority of them indigenous. When the global economy collapses, we will need to live this way once again. The people will need to help the land heal by dismantling the vestiges of this system and stewarding toxic waste such as nuclear plants into dormancy. Low-energy societies will thrive in the ruins of civilization. They will face their own challenges, as all people do, but they will be strong if we protect their ability to exist by removing threats to the planet.

The experiences of those who have suffered systematic oppression can never be fully understood by those who have not. We value and lift up those leaders who have true vision and skill, not figureheads or puppets. Being a member of an oppressed group does not automatically lead to wisdom. Anti-oppression politics form the bedrock of our human morality, but our goal is not political correctness; it is revolution.

Racism and patriarchy both exist to further power and domination by turning large groups of people into exploitable others. These toxic ideologies deeply influence our culture and prop up empire by providing a steady stream of cheap and free labor, children to serve as the next generation of consumers and soldiers, and stereotypes to manipulate the population with. As the oppression of women and people of color is so wrapped up in the global industrial economy (via mass media, pornography, the prison-industrial system, housing, etc.), we see dismantling empire as critical to the dismantling of the concrete systems of power enforcing racism and patriarchy.

The global economy creates millions of refugees each year via wars, trade, and propaganda. Most immigration happens because people’s land or livelihoods have been destroyed. Ideally, people should be allowed to live in their homes on land that is healthy and can support their community. Therefore, the best way to address the immigration “problem” is to bring down the global empire. We must stop the problem at the source.

We must be tenacious, smart, strategic, careful, bold, and self-reflective. We must be unapologetic and non-compromising. We’ve got to sacrifice. Those who are ready have to get together and do the tedious work of organizing and building organizations and communities, engaging in political struggles, and carrying out realistic strategies for success. We don’t hope to be effective, we plan to make it happen.

Throughout history, repressive and counterrevolutionary forces have worked to drive wedges into communities of resistance. Never forget COINTELPRO. Our protection lies in a fierce, forgiving loyalty to those who resist

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Reminder: Sacred Water, Sacred Forests Action Camp – May 25th-28th

342You are invited to join us for the seventh annual Sacred Water, Sacred Forests Action Camp, May 25th – 28th, 2018 – A Gathering for Celebration, Community, Movement Building, Ecology, and Land Defense!

Based in Spring Valley, Nevada (between the towns of Ely and Baker), the Action Camp is a gathering of organizers, ecologists, indigenous people, water grab opponents, forest defenders, concerned individuals, and Great Basin residents.

Over Memorial Day Weekend, we will convene at Cleve Creek Campground, 12 miles north of Highway 6-50 on road 893, at the base of the Schell Creek Mountains.

We will spend the weekend exploring areas threatened by the Las Vegas Water Grab as well as forest slopes and basins being destroyed under the disproven ideology of “Pinyon-Juniper forest invasion.” We will workshop, create art, engage in direct action, share skills, tell stories, sit around the campfire, sing, and enjoy the deep dark night sky.

If you are in love with the desert, we invite you to attend!

The Great Basin is a beautiful and remote place, full of rugged limestone mountains, broad valleys, a startling array of wildlife, and some of the remotest locations in the west. It is sacred to many indigenous people like the Goshute, Shoshone, Paiute, and Washoe nations, who have lived and died here for countless generations.

The Water Tour will take place in Eastern Nevada, beginning near Great Basin National Park and continuing through Spring, Snake, Cave, Lake, and Delamar Valleys. Though we’ll be near the full-service towns of Ely and Baker, we will spend time on remote dirt roads.

To learn more about the trip or to RSVP, contact the organizers at or 206-395-6251.

Sponsor groups:

Deep Green Resistance Southwest Coalition –
Stop the SNWA Water Grab –
Pinyon-Juniper Alliance –

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