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Mainstream so-called environmental and conservation organizations, which mostly function to greenwash business as usual. They divert funds and energy contributed by well-meaning people into reformist or even destructive projects.

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Mainstream Environmentalism Protects Industrial Capitalism

Big NGOs—Greenpeace,, Avaaz, and so on—play an important role in maintaining capitalism and the status quo. These organizations protect the industrial economy and distract us from real solutions. By focusing on technological solutions (which destroy the planet, and are … Continue reading

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A Feminist, Radical Environmentalist and AWOL: DGR Member Kourtney Mitchell

Editors note: this interview with our dear friend and fellow DGR member Kourtney Mitchell was recently featured in Counterpunch.   by VINCENT EMANUELE Kourtney Mitchell is a writer and activist currently living in northeast Georgia, United States. He sits on … Continue reading

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