News Roundup: two articles from Derrick Jensen, Piñon-Juniper Forest Defense, KXL reactions, and more


The Castle Rock Prairie Dogs are Gone: Open Letter from an Exile

By Jennifer Murnan, DGR Colorado

I wore this shirt, long-sleeved, multi-patterned, funky, well tailored hand-me-down for almost every day I worked on the prairie dog relocation at the “Promenade” site in Castle Rock Colorado.

The “Promenade” site was only that in the avaricious life-sucking minds of the capitalist pig developers. The “site” was really a scrap of prairie community, a last survivor already lacerated by monstrous earth movers, surrounded by apartments, highway, box stores, a mall, parking lots—anti-life.

The shirt faded faded under the intensity of the high-altitude sun. The shirt was embroidered with the words, “Knowledge Wisdom Truth” on the button facing.

Read the full article on the Deep Green Resistance News Service.

Help us Protect Piñon-Juniper Forests in the Great Basin

A group of allied activists with Wildlands Defense and Deep Green Resistance have learned that the Bureau of Land Management plans to continue a century-and-a-half old tradition of clear-cutting already exhausted pinyon-juniper forests to clear the way for mining and ranching interests in the Great Basin.

We plan to stop the needless destruction of these forests. The first step is a fact-finding mission requiring us to visit the forests, and the human communities living with these forests. We will gather information to explain the specific threats to the forests and to demonstrate to the public how important these rare forests are.

To learn more and donate, click here (other ways to support are forthcoming).

CO2 emissions-v6-bigboxes

Hidden Danger of the Keystone Pipeline Celebration

By Clay Cochran, DGR Chapparal

President Obama announced Friday morning that he has denied TransCanada’s permit application to build the Keystone XL (KXL) oil pipeline in the U.S. Many in the mainstream environmental movement hailed this as a positive seismic shift in public policy and public perception, and a harbinger of the inevitable saving of our planet. Were it only that simple. Unfortunately, although the denial of the KXL build is in itself a good result, it carries with it some insidious dangers to the continuation of the fundamental work of saving this planet.

It is understandable that many think Obama’s denial of the KXL is a huge victory for the environment. Sadly, that view is myopic, and typical of the wishful thinking hampering the environmental movement around the world. The denial of the KXL does not accomplish what we ultimately need: the shutting down of the entire industrial, fossil-fuel driven society murdering the planet.

Read the full article on the Deep Green Resistance News Service.

An Interview with Derrick Jensen

“One of the things I’ve said a lot is; what do all the so-called solutions for global warming have in common? They take industrialization, the economic system, and colonialism as a given. And, the natural world is that which must conform to industrial capitalism. That’s insane, in terms of being out of touch with physical reality.

There has been this terrible coup where sustainability doesn’t mean sustaining the natural ecosystem, but sustaining the economic system.
So, when figuring out if something is greenwashing, ask: does this thing, primarily, help sustain the economic system or the natural world?”

Read the full interview on the Fifth Column News.

The Ecomodernist Manifesto is a program for genocide and ecocide

By Derrick Jensen, Deep Green Resistance

Robert Jay Lifton noted that before you can commit any mass atrocity, you must convince yourself and others that what you’re doing is not atrocious, but rather beneficial. You must have what he called a “claim to virtue”.

Thus the Nazis weren’t, from their perspective, committing mass murder and genocide, but were ‘purifying the Aryan Race’. They weren’t waging aggressive war but gaining necessary Lebensraum.

Read the full article in The Ecologist.

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