FBI Contacts Deep Green Resistance Seattle Member

FBI deep green resistanceOn December 9th, 2014, around 1pm, an FBI agent by the name of Tim Suttles (?) called Deep Green Resistance Seattle member Max Wilbert on his cell phone.

Agent Suttles asked to speak to Mr. Wilbert, then identified himself as a member of the FBI.

Mr. Wilbert followed proper security culture (a set of basic rules and guidelines used by activists to keep our communities as safe as possible from state repression and disruption of social movements) by clearly stating, “I’m not going to speak with you,” and promptly hung up the phone.

FBI agents are involved in a sweep trolling DGR members and associates for information. Under U.S. law, Deep Green Resistance members in general, and Mr. Wilbert in particular, have done nothing illegal. The FBI is digging (in vain) for information.

We are in contact with activist lawyers who are providing legal advice for how to proceed. These movement lawyers advise us that agents and cops can legally lie, threaten, and coerce members of the public. However, it is illegal for us to lie to cops.

In every political situation, lawyers advise activists to inform police that we choose to remain silent. No matter if you are doing nothing illegal, silence is the best response to police questioning and intimidation, since anything you say can and will be twisted in court to make trouble for you or your community.

FBI contacts Deep Green Resistance Members

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