No New Youth Jail in Seattle (Deep Green Resistance)

Deep Green Resistance (DGR) Seattle members have some friends involved in an effort to stop a new youth jail from being built in Seattle. Instead of expanding the Prison Industrial Complex, they are calling for community programs to keep youth on a good path. The message below explains how you can help in this effort.


We are at a critical point in opposing the construction of the proposed $210 million new youth jail and we need your help.

Join members of Ending The Prison Industrial Complex (EPIC), Youth Undoing Institutional Racism (YUIR), Washington Incarceration Stops Here (WISH), and Peoples Institute Northwest (PINW) to make this coming Monday the “Day of 10,000 Emails to Seattle City Council.”

On Tuesday, September 30th, the members of the Seattle City Council Planning, Land Use, and Sustainability (PLUS) committee will vote on whether or not to accept the zoning changes that King County has requested to build the proposed $210 Million new youth jail. If this project is allowed to move forward as currently planned, it will expand the prison industrial complex and racial disparities within King County’s criminal system.

When you send your e-mail this Monday, September 29th, please cc us at so that we can keep count of how many emails are sent. After you have sent your emails to the council members, forward this email to your 4 family and friends who are most likely to participate.

Thanks in advance. Here are the email addresses of members on the PLUS committee to copy/paste:;;;;

Sample e-mail:
Dear Council Members:

[introduce yourself, and let the council know if you are a resident or work in the Central District (where the New Youth Jail project is located), are a resident or work in Seattle, are affiliated with any organizations/religious groups, are a parent or youth, a believer that equity is possible, or just a true justice loving person]

I am writing to you today to ask you to vote NO on Council Bill 118202. I am opposed to the construction of the proposed Children and Family Justice Center. The youth of King County need a community led upstream approach and community led alternatives to detention.

The Planning, Land Use and Sustainability Committee should not make it easier for King County to build a facility that targets youth of color, destroys lives, and does not make us safer. Please vote no on CB118202!


[your name]

**If you are available, please come to the City Council meeting in person. The vote will take place on Tuesday 9/30 at 2:00PM. We will meet at the city council chambers at 1:30 PM. Please wear black clothing and let the council no we will not back down! There will be a ten minute public comment period.

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