Tactical Bugging Out Planning Course at Shxwowhamel First Nation

This is one in a series of courses being hosted by Sakej Ward, a warrior society veteran with a great deal of skill in resistance operations. Details follow:

Tactical Bugging Out Planning Course

Imagine the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster (earthquake, wild fire, tsunami, landslide, volcanic eruption, flood, winter/ice storms, etc) or a man made emergency (economic collapse, nuclear reactor meltdown, chemical release or spill, political and civil unrest, pandemic, grid down, or martial law). The event caused a grid down blackout, segments of the city are wrecked and can’t be traveled. There is no access to banks, ATMs, or money. Water and food are extremely limited because supplies can’t come in for some time. There is little left in your general area because of panic buying leaving stores completely empty. Gas pumps won’t turn on and the highways are blocked making mass evacuation a non-solution. Everyone feels like they are trapped. The city seems to be slowly descending into chaos.

So what do you do? Do you stay put or immediately leave? How do you get out? What do you take with you when you are limited by the weight you can carry? What pieces of equipment are essential and have priority versus which ones have been hyped up and are close to useless? What are the threats and dangers? Do you have the knowledge and skills to evade out of the disaster area?

Course Description

The Tactical Bugging Out workshop is two days of instruction that will introduce the student to potential disasters and emergencies, how to plan to get out of these catastrophic events, how to pack an effective bug out bag, what kind of actions to take during your evasion out of the disaster area, and how to identify needed skills and how to develop a training plan for them.
The classes will be conducted in a classroom environment to discuss the needs, strategies, and tactics of Bugging Out and to focus on the details of planning, selection of a variety of Bug Out items and to facilitate discussion on these theories, models and concepts.
This is a two day course with a minimum of 6 hours of class a day. It cost $200 per person.

Course Summary (Skill sets)

  1. Identify Bug Out scenarios
  2. Identify Bug Out indicators
  3. How to select a Bug Out Location
  4. How to select a Bug Out routes
  5. How to build a Bug Out Bag that specifically meets your survival situational needs
  6. How to establish a Family Reunification Plan
  7. How to establish a Disaster Communication Plan
  8. How to establish a Home Evacuation Plan
  9. How to establish a Get Out of Town (GOT) Plan
  10. How to operate a Bug Out Location
  11. How to select good members for a Bug Out Team

The minimum class size is 10. If there isn’t enough students registered 3 days before the class begins then the course will be rescheduled.

Course cost: $200

Due to limited space students are required to register for the course. A pre-payment of $100 will secure a seat on the course and the remainder of the payment will be due on day one of the course. This will take place on the Shxwowhamel First Nation near the town of Hope, British Columbia.

Contact person: Sakej or Melody at ph# – 604-860-9337 or email – sakej@hotmail.com. Call or email to register and receive a course packet with additional information

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