Help fund DGR’s grassroots resistance in 2018!

Deep Green Resistance is a grassroots, radical organization founded in 2011 that is dedicated to liberation of the living planet from the empire of the dominant culture.

We are committed feminists, anti-racists, and community organizers. Our group is dedicated to hard work, no compromises, and revolutionary ideals. We work to inspire and nurture our movements to be more effective and radical when confronting industrial civilization, capitalism, patriarchy, and white supremacy. Our theory and practice is to strike at the root of the problems we see.

We need funding to make this work possible. We do not receive a dime of corporate or foundation money. We’re 100% grassroots, and most of our activists are working people barely scraping a living in the exploitative global economy.

We’re aiming to raise $3,000 before the end of the year to support a wide variety of projects that Deep Green Resistance members are currently working on.


These projects include:

  • A first-of-it’s kind lawsuit attempting to gain personhood rights for the Colorado River
  • Similar rights-for-nature campaigning in the Great Lakes region
  • Radical feminist organizing based in DGR Women’s Caucus around coalition building, working to fund a part-time organizer, self-defense projects, and multimedia
  • Highly effective translations, media work, and book publishing in France
  • Other translation work — the DGR website is now partially or fully available in TWENTY ONE languages)
  • Community organizing and local events in central California
  • Indigenous solidarity work in multiple locations
  • Support for political prisoners and POW (Prisoners of War) via an internal committee
  • Initial outreach and organizing new DGR chapters in Ukraine, Germany, and Mexico
  • Prairie Dog defense campaigns up and down the Front Range of Colorado
  • Fracking and other coal, oil, and gas resistance work around the world
  • Forest defense work in Australia and across the Inter-Mountain West in the US, including coalition building
  • Ongoing chapter organizing in several locations
  • Restoration projects in several locations globally and support work for both European and American buffalo
  • Public presentations, skill shares, and training on strategy, direct action, radical analysis, communications encryption, and other critical topics
  • Media projects including the one-of-a-kind Underground Action Calendar and Resistance Profiles
  • Last but not least: we are the only global, grassroots organization that is actively calling for an end to industrial civilization and providing a strategy for how to get there

This is just a partial list. Many of our incredible members are so busy fighting like hell and organizing in their communities that it’s hard to keep up with them. They have no time to fundraise, so this is your chance to support them.

Please donate here or sign up for a monthly contribution! Another major way you can help is sharing this fundraiser with your friends, especially via personal requests to people you think might like to support.

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