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The Deep Green Resistance Seattle blog is a great source for local news and information on our organizing efforts across the region. But if you want to keep up with news for Deep Green Resistance around the world (we are now operating in more than a dozen countries on every continent), you should check out the main Deep Green Resistance blog.

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The DGR blog explores topics of environmentalism, resistance, indigenous sovereignty, anti-racism, feminism, imperialism, and more. The site also shares updates from DGR chapters around the world as well as upcoming events and report-backs from various actions.


Deep Green Resistance is an analysis, a strategy, and the only organization of its kind. As an analysis, it reveals civilization as the institution that is destroying life on Earth. As a strategy, it offers a concrete plan for how to stop that destruction. As an organization, Deep Green Resistance is implementing that strategy.

Deep Green Resistance Seattle is the local chapter of this movement, and we’re recruiting.

The goal of DGR is to deprive the rich of their ability to steal from the poor and the powerful of their ability to destroy the planet. This is a vast undertaking but it needs to be said: it can be done. Industrial civilization can be stopped.

DGR is an aboveground organization that uses direct action in the fight to save our planet. We also argue for the necessity of an underground that can target the strategic infrastructure of industrialization. But these actions alone are never a sufficient strategy for achieving a just outcome. Any strategy aiming for a livable future must include a call to build direct democracies based on human rights and sustainable material cultures.

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