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Seattle Teachers Strike: Revolution AND Reform

We aren’t that interested in personal purity. Of course we should all try to be good people, but politically it’s more important that we band together and use our power to force political and social change. This can happen in … Continue reading

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Mapping the Supply Chain of Empire

Empire Logistics is an anti-capitalist project that aims to map the chokepoints of the industrial supply chain, primarily in the United States. Here at Deep Green Resistance, we promote a strategy for resistance that focuses on underground groups using clandestine … Continue reading

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Berry Boycott: Don’t Buy Driscolls or Sakuma Farms Berries

via Boycott Sakuma Berries Berry Boycott in Effect as of January “Bellingham, WA – A local boycott committee led by WWU Students for Farmworker Justice has garnered several wins for Familias Unidas por la Justicia. Back in September the committee … Continue reading

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Historic Images of Seattle

Seattle has a long history of social struggle and revolutionary politics that spans many decades. The indigenous people resisted European colonization in several wars in the 1800’s, including the Puget Sound War. Labor struggles have been a huge part of … Continue reading

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