Ferguson, Burnaby Mountain, and Earth at Risk

Earth at Risk


This past weekend in San Francisco, an event called Earth at Risk: The Justice and Sustainability Conference was held. It brought together feminists, indigenous peoples, anti-war activists, anti-racists, and others. The event, headlined by Derrick Jensen, Vandana Shiva, Chris Hedges, and Alice Walker, united a disparate set of movements acting in solidarity with one another.

Earth at Risk was a huge success. Deep Green Resistance was there, tabling in the lobby and represented by several people on the stage. This event may be the beginning of something big. Stay tuned.


Racist systems can only produce racist results. The prosecutor is flaming example of white organizational culture and Internalized racial superiority. Now, we gotta organize for structural anti-racist change. Amerikkka is amerikkka.

– Seattle Anti-Racist Organizer Dustin Washington

Read commentary from Deep Green Resistance member Will Falk here.

Follow the DGR People of Color’s Caucus here.

Burnaby Mountain


At Burnaby Mountain, pipeline resistance is popping off. Arrests have continued as police and resisters clash over the planned Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline slated to go in through a supposed conservation area. Grassroots resistance has been strong, but as usual some effectiveness has perhaps been compromised for ego.

A local Vancouver activist, Harjap Grewal, put it like this:

Can’t get up to Burnaby Mountain very often but hope that at some point people stop making plans to get arrested and instead start making plans to shut down Kinder Morgan’s work (maybe without getting arrested). Solidarity to all those holding it down for weeks. Less solidarity for folks going up for their arrest photo op. Most places in the world, where people are seriously challenging power, people don’t make arrests the goal of their actions.

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