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FBI Contacts Deep Green Resistance Seattle Member

On December 9th, 2014, around 1pm, an FBI agent by the name of Tim Suttles (?) called Deep Green Resistance Seattle member Max Wilbert on his cell phone. Agent Suttles asked to speak to Mr. Wilbert, then identified himself as … Continue reading

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Urban Greed and Rural Resistance in the Great Basin

Rural indigenous communities, ranchers, farmers, and environmentalists have all come together in Eastern Nevada to fight a water grab orchestrated by greedy developers in Las Vegas. Deep Green Resistance (including members of the Seattle chapter) are involved in the fight. … Continue reading

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False Solutions: “Green Energy”

Two passionate environmentalists discuss the merits and issues of “Alternative Energy” technologies. They argue that it is not the path to a secure and sustainable future, that it threatens human rights, and that it is the wrong path for morally-conscious … Continue reading

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