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Drawing The Line: Stopping the Murder of the Planet

Thank you to everyone who watched #DrawingTheLine yesterday! The event was a success thanks to our donors, supporters, volunteers, and friends. The video is now live on Facebook and YouTube for viewing, and we’re asking for more support! FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=788240121908598&ref=watch_permalink … Continue reading

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Sweet Crude (Seattle Filmmaker Sandy Cioffi)

Sweet Crude is the story of Nigeria’s Niger Delta – the human and environmental consequences of 50 years of oil extraction and the members of a new insurgency who, in the three years after the filmmakers met them as college … Continue reading

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Gentrification in Seattle

Over the past 10 years, development and increased population in Seattle has been sparked by a huge influx of high-paid, mostly white, mostly tech-sector employees into the city. Amazon.com is a large driver of this change. Because of this influx … Continue reading

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News Roundup: Mauna Kea Resistance, Prairie Dog Protection, and War Games

Defending Wildlife in Colorado The DGR Southwest Coalition recently held their annual Southwest Gathering, sharing skills & good food, and engaging in many discussions & strategy sessions. As part of the gathering, Deanna Meyer of Deep Green Resistance Colorado joined … Continue reading

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Two Upcoming Events (and Behind-the-scenes Video)

Outdoor Workshop in Issaquah On Saturday June 13th at 1pm, the Seattle Chapter of Deep Green Resistance will be hosting an Outdoor Skills Workshop. Learn WILDERNESS SURVIVAL. Heal yourself with HERBAL MEDICINE. Read the landscape as a NATURALIST. Join us … Continue reading

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Report-Back from #ShellNO Protest

As many of you no doubt know, the Port of Seattle is currently hosting Shell Oil Company’s enormous arctic drilling rig. In several weeks, the rig will leave Elliot Bay and be towed to the Arctic Ocean, where Shell plans … Continue reading

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Anne Braden: Southern Patriot (Anti-Racist Film Screening)

Check out this event from European Dissent Seattle: Click the image for a larger version of the poster. Film screening and discussion as part of our work to build a base of anti-racist white organizers! Saturday, December 13th 3:30 – … Continue reading

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The End of Gender: Revolution, Not Reform

Excerpt From DGR Frequently Asked Questions “Deep Green Resistance has been accused of transphobia because we have a difference of opinion about the definition of gender. DGR does not condone dehumanization or violence against anyone, including people who describe themselves … Continue reading

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Sex Trafficking and Prostitution – Deep Green Resistance Seattle

Seattle is a hub of the sex trade. Authorities estimate 300 to 500 people are victims of human trafficking in the Northwest every year — mostly women forced to work as prostitutes. This video shows some progressive efforts being taken … Continue reading

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False Solutions: “Green Energy”

Two passionate environmentalists discuss the merits and issues of “Alternative Energy” technologies. They argue that it is not the path to a secure and sustainable future, that it threatens human rights, and that it is the wrong path for morally-conscious … Continue reading

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