The Erasure of Reality

Here at Deep Green Resistance, we have been censured and attacked for believing that women are female and men are male. The fact that disagreeing with basic biology, millions of years of human evolution, and our own lived experience is politically dangerous is reflective of what our society has come to. It is not considered acceptable to go against mainstream dogma. And currently, mainstream dogma is erasing the entire concept of woman, in favor of amorphous “self-definition” which could harm or eliminate every single sex-based protection women have fought for.

We are a holistic organization. We see the inherent connections between the oppression of women, racism, and the destruction of the planet. These systems of power are all interlinked. It is no surprise that in late capitalism, basic realities of human existence are being dismantled. We live in a “post truth” era that is distinctly Orwellian.

In the face of this, we must be relentless truth tellers. We call males males. We call green technology bullshit. We call this culture one of colonialism and imperialism. We call this “democracy” bankrupt. And we have a plan to dismantle the bloated power of this society.

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