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News Roundup: The Girls and the Grasses, The Colonial History of Conservation, The New McCarthyism, and more

Railroad ties are leeching contaminants and toxins into the environment: Link: http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/bnsf-railway-fined-for-treated-railroad-ties-in-water/ — Lierre Keith, Deep Green Resistance co-founder, recently wrote one of the most powerful articles that we have read in a long, long time. Her piece, titled The … Continue reading

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Interview with Janine Blaeloch, Seattle activist

Last week, DGR co-founder Derrick Jensen interviewed Janine Blaeloch on Resistance Radio. Listen here (Firefox sometimes doesn’t work with this link – try another browser) Blaeloch is founder and director of the Western Lands Project. She earned a degree in … Continue reading

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Sacred Mountain near Columbia River Threatened

From the website Roundhouse Talk: Tucked within the 1,000-page defense bill passed by the Senate last week is a provision that would open the summit of Rattlesnake Mountain — a site considered sacred by members of the Yakama Nation — … Continue reading

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