The End of Gender: Revolution, Not Reform

Excerpt From DGR Frequently Asked Questions

“Deep Green Resistance has been accused of transphobia because we have a difference of opinion about the definition of gender.

DGR does not condone dehumanization or violence against anyone, including people who describe themselves as trans. Universal human rights are universal. DGR has a strong code of conduct against violence and abuse. Anyone who violates that code is no longer a member of DGR.

Disagreeing with someone, however, is not a form of violence. And we have a big disagreement.

Radical feminists are critical of gender itself. We are not gender reformists–we are gender abolitionists. Without the socially constructed gender roles that form the basis of patriarchy, all people would be free to dress, behave, and love others in whatever way they wished, no matter what kind of body they had.”

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Deep Green Resistance Seattle is open for questions related to this topic: contact us via our website if you wish to talk.

Read the rest of the Radical Feminist FAQs on the Deep Green Resistance website, or watch a presentation from Rachel Ivey on the subject.

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