Sex Trafficking and Prostitution – Deep Green Resistance Seattle


Seattle is a hub of the sex trade. Authorities estimate 300 to 500 people are victims of human trafficking in the Northwest every year — mostly women forced to work as prostitutes. This video shows some progressive efforts being taken to criminalize the buying of sex (which we believe is economically-coercive rape).

Deep Green Resistance stands for abolishing the sex trade and decriminalizing women who have been forced — by people or by circumstance — to take part in it. As such we advocate for the Nordic Model – an approach that makes sense and has hard data backing up it’s effectiveness.

The Nordic Model is similar to the approach shown in this video: it criminalizes the men who buy sex, while decriminalizing the women and others who sell it and providing exit services and support for these individuals. We’re glad to see that Seattle is taking this progressive approach to prostitution and sex trafficking.

View the video here:

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