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Porn, Trafficking and the Social Construction of Masculinity

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Material Support for Grassroots Long-Term Eco-Feminist Organizing

The Women’s Caucus of Deep Green Resistance is fundraising to provide a stipend to a point person who will head up feminist organizing within and on-behalf of DGR. The women of Deep Green Resistance are hard at work fighting pipelines, … Continue reading

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“Sex Work” Hides Exploitation of Women

The term ‘sex work’ obscures the reality of exploitation and violence in prostitution and the sex industry as a whole. Behind the libertarian rhetoric of ‘freedom’ and ‘choice’, many sex work advocates seem truly focused on eroticizing domination and the … Continue reading

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Sex Trafficking and Prostitution – Deep Green Resistance Seattle

Seattle is a hub of the sex trade. Authorities estimate 300 to 500 people are victims of human trafficking in the Northwest every year — mostly women forced to work as prostitutes. This video shows some progressive efforts being taken … Continue reading

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