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From the beginning, this culture—civilization—has been
a culture of occupation.

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Forest Service Ignores Environmental Law, Logs Old Growth Forest and Critical Habitat

  Sick to the stomach. That’s how I felt after reading this story. But surprised? No. The USFS and other government agencies commonly ignore regulations and prioritize the economy over the natural world. That’s been their way for more than … Continue reading

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The Climate Movement is Failing. Here are Two Models to Turn the Tide.

The great musician Lauren Hill once said, “Fantasy is what people want but reality is what they need.” And the reality is that the climate movement is failing. See this graph? That’s a measure of carbon dioxide levels in the … Continue reading

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What do we do when mass movements fail? #sHellNO #SaveTheArctic

Here in Seattle, we’ve been participating in and supporting the #sHellNO actions against the Arctic Drilling rig, Polar Pioneer, that has been parked at the Port of Seattle for weeks. As of yesterday morning, the rig is finally on the … Continue reading

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Report-Back from #ShellNO Protest

As many of you no doubt know, the Port of Seattle is currently hosting Shell Oil Company’s enormous arctic drilling rig. In several weeks, the rig will leave Elliot Bay and be towed to the Arctic Ocean, where Shell plans … Continue reading

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