DGR Seattle Hosts a Series of Outdoor Skills Workshops

DGR Seattle Hosts a Series of Outdoor Skills Workshops

Learn WILDERNESS SURVIVAL. Heal yourself with HERBAL MEDICINE. Read the landscape as a NATURALIST.

Join the Seattle chapter of Deep Green Resistance just outside the city on the flanks of Squak Mountain for a half-day informal workshop on outdoor skills. Each day’s activities will depend on the weather and group.



– Wild edible plants and fungi
– Useful wild plants (for tools, fire-making, weapons, shelter, etc)
– Friction fires (bowdrill)
– Natural fibers for basketry and cordage
– Finding clean water
– Medicinal Plants and natural first aid
– Maps and Navigation
– Geology and watershed dynamics
– Ecological basics
– Regional history


We’ll meet in Issaquah, on the SW side of downtown at the intersection of Cabin Creek Ln. SW and Sunrise Pl. SW. This is on the east side of Squak Mountain near the Squak Mountain Access trail.


Lunch, water bottle, raingear and warm clothes, pocketknife, paper bag, notebook, comfortable walking shoes, and a backpack to carry it all.

Background Information:

Many people refers to skills such as these as “primitive skills.” At Deep Green Resistance, we think the word “primitive” is often used as a racist term that implies that modern civilization is the height of progress, while more earth-based ways of living are “primitive.”

Anyone who has crafted a bow from scratch or lived without electricity for months at a time can tell you these are not simple skills. They are complex, difficult to master, and often require specialized knowledge passed down through generations.

Learning skills like this is an important step in learning how to pull our allegiance away from industrial civilization and put our trust and action where it belongs: with the land that we live on.

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