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Letter to the Bellingham Herald

The burning of coal is warming the climate and contributing to a major planetary emergency. On August 27th, activists in Bellingham used non-violent action to delay a mile-long coal train headed to Vancouver for 12 hours. I, along with two other members of Deep Green Resistance, was arrested.

We are very concerned that nothing is being done to keep coal in the ground. Unfortunately, with laws written by legislators who are beholden to corporate money, what options do we have? … Continue reading → Continue reading

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Bellingham Coal Train Blockade Update: Death Threats and Legal Limbo

One week ago, three activists from Deep Green Resistance blocked a coal train in Bellingham, Washington. One climbed a tripod on the tracks, and when he was taken down two others locked onto the train further down the line. All … Continue reading

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Activists stage coal-train blockade in Bellingham; train stopped for 12 hours

On Saturday August 27th, activists for ecological defense blocked a northbound BNSF coal train for twelve hours at the Chuckanut Bay railroad bridge south of Bellingham, Wash. in an effort to directly halt the transportation of coal on-route for shipment … Continue reading

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We Demand an End to Fossil Fuel Transport by Rail!

Stopping fossil fuels is essential to life on this planet. The signatories of this letter are demanding that BNSF stop transporting fossil fuels immediately. We invite you to add your name to this list. Thank you for signing and please … Continue reading

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Join the Resistance: Choose Adventure

Modern life is really fucking dull. Office work. Social media. Traffic. Plane flights. Commuting. We are surrounded everyday by human-mediated creations, nearly all of them designed for profit and efficiency—not to excite or nurture the spirit. Most people go through … Continue reading

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News Roundup: The Girls and the Grasses, The Colonial History of Conservation, The New McCarthyism, and more

Railroad ties are leeching contaminants and toxins into the environment: Link: http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/bnsf-railway-fined-for-treated-railroad-ties-in-water/ — Lierre Keith, Deep Green Resistance co-founder, recently wrote one of the most powerful articles that we have read in a long, long time. Her piece, titled The … Continue reading

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Reading Group for Deep Green Resistance forming in Seattle

Have you read, or wanted to read, Deep Green Resistance: Strategy to Save the Planet? For those grappling with the tough questions of how to win battles for social and environmental justice, it’s necessary reading that explores strategy, tactics, movement … Continue reading

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News Roundup: Mauna Kea Resistance, Prairie Dog Protection, and War Games

Defending Wildlife in Colorado The DGR Southwest Coalition recently held their annual Southwest Gathering, sharing skills & good food, and engaging in many discussions & strategy sessions. As part of the gathering, Deanna Meyer of Deep Green Resistance Colorado joined … Continue reading

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Two Upcoming Events (and Behind-the-scenes Video)

Outdoor Workshop in Issaquah On Saturday June 13th at 1pm, the Seattle Chapter of Deep Green Resistance will be hosting an Outdoor Skills Workshop. Learn WILDERNESS SURVIVAL. Heal yourself with HERBAL MEDICINE. Read the landscape as a NATURALIST. Join us … Continue reading

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Interview with Janine Blaeloch, Seattle activist

Last week, DGR co-founder Derrick Jensen interviewed Janine Blaeloch on Resistance Radio. Listen here (Firefox sometimes doesn’t work with this link – try another browser) Blaeloch is founder and director of the Western Lands Project. She earned a degree in … Continue reading

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